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IT Outsourcing

In today's fast-paced technology evolution, software development is a demanding activity requiring extensive knowledge, practical experience as well as a team of highly skilled experts. It is not efficient for many companies to invest non-negligible amounts of money into the development of their own IT projects.

It is much more cost efficient for these companies to leave the care for such projects to specialists who can keep up with today's trends, keep their knowledge up to date and react to the needs of their customers.This is the reason why we offer our customers a full spectrum of IT outsourcing services.

Outsourcing a part of or the whole IT operation allows our customers to concentrate their resources to their core business and thus improving their business processes and competitiveness.

The main reason for IT outsourcing today is the constant changes in the business environment:

  • the need to quickly react to current market trends and to concentrate on the core business
  • freeing up internal resources
  • shortening the time necessary to implement new solutions resulting from the ever-changing customer needs or the evolving market conditions

An improved competitive position in their market is the main outcome our customers receive by outsourcing their IT. This includes:

  • improved customer services
  • more effective use of IT
  • guarantee of quality of IT services and availability (SLA)

There are many more advantages of outsourcing:

  • delivery of a specialist for a given technology (short or long-term)
  • time and cost economies (due to our highly skilled experts)
  • fixed terms and conditions
  • lower costs for achieving (and maintaining) the solution

Our skilled team is ready to thoroughly analyze your needs. We can adjust the solution to your needs and budget. We always aim for the most efficient, quick and simplest solution leading to the satisfaction of our customer.

Our dedicated employees are highly experienced specifically in the Microsoft platform technologies such as Microsoft .NET, SharePoint, Office, OLAP, ETL, ERP, EDI, CRM, Windows Server and many more.

If you have a small development project or consider outsourcing a larger software project, we are ready to help you.

The portfolio of customers using our outsourcing services today is composed of companies from Belgium, Great Britain, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

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